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Read about Glowzone's challenges and how Intrac provided streamlined administrative solutions

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Implementing One system that allowed us to manage several different business requirements
The day to day running of the business was spread across 4-5 different softwares/apps
Allocating spaces/party rooms in conjunction with another business
GlowZone needed a systematic approach to space management for simultaneous parties in different internal locations across party spaces
Allow staff to understand availability for party bookings and what is happening when and where
Integrated online booking system that automatically books available space
Needed to Allocate staff in real time based on online party bookings that could happen at last minute
Required a system that could communicate different party packages and prices and confirmation to parents including supplying party invitations
Resource drain to book parties and collect customer information over the phone or via back and forward emails


A real time online booking system that allows customer to book parties in a couple of clicks
One system that allows us to manage space, communicate with customers and accept payments
An online space management system that allocates space across two businesses
A fool proof payment portal via secure online portal
Confirmation emails and party procedures emails are sent instantly after a party is booked


Available space is clearly identifiable and booked and allocated in real time across both businesses
Rostering and Staff allocation is now simple and can be done with a minimum of fuss
We have a fully integrated/automated online booking system
Reduced time for management to book parties over the phone with 90% of parties now booked online
Integration with website is seamless
Allows automated customer communication saving time and resources
Payments are made instantly and easily tracked and invoiced

A proud history of delivering

Software design expertise
Driven by our clients success
Facility management experience