From Managing Our Own Facilities
to Helping You Master Yours

From Managing Our Own Facilities to
Helping You Master Yours

Meet the People Behind the Tech – Industry
Veterans Dedicated to Your Success.
Meet the People Behind the
Tech – Industry Veterans Dedicated to Your Success.
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We show up for you, so you can show up for your customers — every day, without fail.
Our solutions are based on decades of firsthand operational experience to meet your specific needs — making management smoother and more effective.

As your business transforms and operational demands increase, we stand firm in our commitment to equip you with the tools and support needed to excel.
Our Mission
To merge our deep industry expertise with innovative technology, helping your business effortlessly streamline 
its operations.
Leveraging our expertise, Intrac develops integrated systems tailored to your unique workflows. This empowers you to effortlessly improve efficiencies and 
maximize impact - freeing you to focus fully on your core missions of developing talent and building community.
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Our greatest milestones

Managing Own Tennis Facilities

John and Anthony begin owning and managing North Sydney Tennis Centres and Rose Bay Tennis, establishing a foundation in sports facility operations.

Expansion Into Multi-Sport Venues

Launch of Parklands Sports and Darling Harbour Sports, broadening their management to include tennis, basketball, netball, and volleyball courts.

Founding Of Intrac

Simon founds Intrac, introducing Australia’s first sports industry-specific SaaS, taking sports facility management to the next level.

Diversification into Educational and Recreational Facilities

Intrac extends its platform to support a wider range of facilities including academies and schools, catering to diverse sports and educational needs.

System Redesign & Enhancement

With Anthony’s insights, Simon redesigns Intrac to better meet the operational needs of large sports facilities.

5 Sports – A New Benchmark in Sports Facility Management

Intrac brings on 5 Sports, its first client under the “Sport” system, featuring Australia’s largest 5-a-side soccer facility.

2010 - 2020
System Upgrades and Multi-Location Functionality

Intrac evolved its software, upgrading the Swim School system to a comprehensive School system, launching a specialized Sports System, and introducing multi-location functionality to streamline operations across diverse venues.

Strategic Focus Realignment

Jack, after almost a decade of managing sports facilities, joins the Intrac team. His unique skill set and experience of walking in our clients shoes, takes our client centric focus to the very highest level.

Intrac’s Ongoing Commitment to be Better

John and Anthony shift focus from managing their own facilities to driving Intrac growth through our clients success. Simon, Jack, and the rest of Team Intrac double down on delivering solutions for each and every client's evolving and unique needs.

Our Guiding Principles
That We Stand By

We ask the right questions, and form trusted, collaborative relationships with our clients, and work as a long-term partner to their business.
We draw on our decades of direct experience in sports and activity-based industries to deeply understand our clients’ operations.
We tailor each software solution individually to our clients’ unique needs, business processes, and goals.
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Transforming Businesses Through Innovative, 
Service-First Software.

Leveraging our deep industry expertise, Intrac develops highly customized systems tailored to each business’ specific operational needs and goals.
This empowers you to streamline administration and maximize their impact.
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Your Success Stories Are Our Greatest Joy

Success Stories
Security is everything

Your data is your business and nobody else’s, so we keep it safe

Fully compliant with every regulation
We conduct regular security reviews to stay ahead of new threats
A 100% secure record since launch
At your service - 24/7

Your business is Live 24/7, so we are too.

Every client has a dedicated INTRAC Support Person.
We deliver cutting edge technology with old school service
We meet with you face-to-face to ensure we understand your needs from the start.
We have walked in your shoes

Your requirements were once ours, so we built solutions

50+ years managing sports facilities and class based businesses
We understand your needs, so we know your requirements will be unique in many ways
Listening to you and relating is how we deliver top quality solutions
Millions of happy customers

We process millions of bookings, registrations, and payments every year

We know that if your customers are happy, then so are you
Your customers can do everything online
Their experience is one of our priorities

Ready for streamlined success?

Software design expertise
Driven by our clients success
Facility management experience