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Class scheduling

Our innovative system allows you to view, access, and edit your entire team's schedules on one comprehensive screen. Easily distinguish class types at a glance, enhancing your management capabilities.

Bookings and enrolments

All your bookings, all your spaces, effortlessly managed and color-coded on one screen. A single click provides you full details about a booking, along with the ability to make changes instantaneously.

Class Management

Manage all your classes from one place, with the ease of creating, editing, and moving participants. Our platform allows you to effortlessly display your classes online or offline, opening endless opportunities for your business.

Competitions Management

Creating and editing every type of competition is now simplified. Whether it's knockout, round-robin, pools, or divisions, our software handles it all. Easily manage teams, participants, fixtures/draws, scores, and ladders.

Secure Payment Integrations

Our software seamlessly handles credit card, EFTPOS, and cash transactions. All your transactions are securely processed, meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements.

Point of Sale

Our POS function allows you to create, manage and sell products. Use and scan barcodes, control inventory levels and much more.

Cloud-Secure Data

Rest easy knowing your data and your clients' data are stored safely in the cloud. We follow strict redundancy protocols that exceed the standards. We have a 100% record for 25 years of never losing any client data.

Staff Rostering & Payroll

Simplified staff rostering and task-based pay rate allocation, integrated with an easy-to-use Payroll feature.

Sophisticated Customer Database & CRM

Our CRM helps you understand your customers better by storing comprehensive data for each Customer Profile. Use these insights for highly targeted marketing campaigns

User-friendly Online Customer Portal

Our customer portal makes it a breeze for your customers to complete registrations, renewals, bookings, payments, or class changes.

Website Integration

Intrac easily integrates with any website and we can assist you in setting this up. Display your company branding with a personalised User Interface. Everything automatically updates on the front end as you save changes in your admin system.

Staff portal

Each staff member can access their personalized portal from their phone, including their roster, class details, payroll, etc. Easily record class/game attendances, scores, or messages about a class.

Assessments & Certificates

Record participant levels/grades with a click, and add comments if you like. Generate Assessments, Certificates or Reports, which can be accessed and downloaded online by your customers.

Automated Access & Lighting Control

Our integrated security system handles access, surveillance, and alarms for comprehensive protection.

Gift Certificates

Our platform makes it simple for customers to purchase gift certificates online, over the phone, or in person. You can set a monetary value or specific product for the gift certificate.

Efficient Ticketing

Effortlessly sell and manage ticket sales for any event. Control entry-exits of ticket holders with our online system, which can be managed anywhere, anytime.

Comprehensive Staff Management

Attendance can be recorded by a number of methods, including a swipe of a membership card at reception or entry in a phone/device by an instructor. The system can be configured with your business rules, and make-up lessons can be offered as a completely self-serve function.

Customized Memberships & Passes

This feature is beneficial for handling casual class bookings or visits to a facility, whether they are based on a membership or a pass. It allows for convenient management of various types of bookings and ensures smooth access to the desired services or facilities.

In-depth Reports

Access any data with a single click. Generate detailed reports or download raw data for external use. We provide numerous report options and can create bespoke reports tailored to your business needs.

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