Clubs & Federations

We work with Clubs and Federations in a number of areas. See how we configure solutions to fit their specific needs.

Golf Coaching Operators

Golf Clubs

Let customers book golf lessons, select instructors, hire equipment, purchase gift certificates and much more.

Tennis Centres

Tennis Clubs

Let customers book courts, enrol in events, hire equipment, receive access codes and manage their accounts.

Tennis Centres

Hockey Clubs

Create and manage programs, run competitions, hire out spaces and equipment.

Football/Soccer Facilities

Football/Soccer Federations

Hire pitches, schedule matches or training sessions, create & manage competitions and run coaching programs.

Sports Competition Organizers

Competition Organisers

Allow teams or individuals to register for tournaments, select event categories, and manage their participation.

Holiday Camp Organizers

Holiday Camp Organisers

Enable parents to enroll their children in specific camp sessions, choose activities, and manage their bookings and payments

Equestrian Facilities

Basketball Federations

Let customers book courts, enrol in programs & join teams. Admins can create & manage competitions/events.

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