Intrac Facility Manager is a web-based management system for local government and sports facilities. It is best suited to facility managers that want to make it very easy for customers to make their own bookings and payments online and seamlessly integrate with keyless access control. Intrac has provided software-as-a-service since 2000 and offers the best quality solution available for facility managers in Australia today.

Why Intrac?


The system presents bite-sized pieces of information in a simple format and complex processes are managed step-by-step. We usually train key users in an hour, and other staff and customers can use the system with little or no instruction.


Intrac Facility Manager is designed to manage every aspect of your business in the one system. On the Features page, you’ll see a list of functions you would only expect in custom-built software.

Highly configurable

Every business we serve has a unique set of processes and rules. We configure our systems to work with those requirements and can even build new functions that may be specific to your business.


The system is accessed using the web browser on any computer, tablet or phone with internet access. You do not need any special equipment and there is no software to install.

Self service

The biggest gains in efficiency and customer service come from allowing customers and staff to perform administrative tasks on their own. The system manages online bookings and cancellations, event registrations and ticketing, and much more.

Secure & reliable

Our infrastructure is designed with redundancy and is hosted in Australian data centres. We manage data backups and perform regular maintenance and upgrades to ensure our security and reliability remains first class.



The system keeps a full history of every booking and makes it easy for customers to manage their own bookings. Your system can be configured with your business rules to make this key process very streamlined and offer excellent customer service.

Integrated payments

By providing a direct link between Intrac and your bank, you can eliminate data entry, any risk of error and the need to reconcile each payment. We use the most effective and least cost options to have customer payments processed through your merchant facility, including integrated EFTPOS.

Access control

Seamlessly integrate with keyless access and lighting control, surveillance and alarms. The system issues each customer with a PIN that is activated for the duration of their booking, and the customer the same PIN for all future bookings.

Customer database

A searchable database of customers that links to information about bookings, accounts and comments. The database can be updated online and interfaces to communication gateways.

Staff rostering

The system makes it easy to manage your event schedule and staff roster, ensuring there are no double bookings. The data is displayed live on your web site, through the staff portal and on your staff and payroll reports.


Comprehensive management and financial reports provide detailed information about every aspect of your business. We can also custom build reports to your needs where necessary.

Staff portal

Staff can log into a portal designed for mobile devices that provides an easy way to check and approve rosters, mark attendances and manage assessments and customer communications.

Passes and memberships

This function is useful for managing casual class bookings or visits to a facility based on a membership or pass.


Manage a retail outlet with this function, including inventory levels. A barcode scanner can be used to make this function more efficient.


  • What do I need?

    You need only a computer with internet access, a web site and a merchant facility. We'll help you establish these and as part of our standard installation.

  • How is pricing structured?

    We charge a $1,500 setup fee that covers everything you need to get operational: configuration of your system, training and integration with other systems like your web site, banking, communications and access control. Our ongoing monthly costs consist of a hosting fee of $50 and a transaction fee of a small percentage of the revenues processed through the system. We also pass on the cost of SMS messages, payment gateway fees and access control services where they apply. This is a guide - we'll provide full details in a quote.

  • When can I start?

    Most clients can be up and running within two weeks of completing an agreement. If you have any special requirements, we can customise the system to your needs and have you operational in an additional week or two.

  • What does setup involve?

    • After a discussion and demonstration, we provide a quote and a service agreement
    • If you decide to proceed, we swap some paperwork and take a deposit
    • We take a few days to set up a test system based on your requirements that we discuss on the phone
    • We run you through a training session and leave you to become familiar with the test system
    • Over the next week or so we answer your questions and tweak the system to your needs
    • During this time we configure the payment gateway for your merchant facility
    • When you're comfortable using the system we switch you to a Live system
    • We provide a couple of snippets of HTML that you add to your web site
    • You are fully operational

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Can I get more information?

Sure. Please send us an email and tell us a little about your business. We can arrange an online demonstration.


Phone: 1300 468 000

Mail: PO Box 1535 Chatswood NSW 2057
ABN: 56 091 523 910