Tennis Centre Manager

The Tennis Centre Manager was our first commercial product and has been in use since 2003. Our original client, City Community Tennis Centre, was named the Most Outstanding Tennis Club in Australia at the 2013 John Newcombe Medal awards. Patrick Jensen, the director of City Community Tennis, says he could no longer run his business without Intrac.

Case Study

• City Community Tennis


Customer database

A search function allows you to create a list of customers that matches your search criteria and contact them by email or SMS. We can import your customer database and customers can create and maintain their own details through your web site.


The system can manage a variety of membership types that may allow members to make some free bookings or offer reduced prices on court hire, registrations and product purchases.

Court bookings

Manage court allocations for your events, classes and permanent bookings. A live court schedule can be published on your web site and customers can book any free court and pay. The system prevents any double bookings.

Access and lighting control

You can operate locations without staff by using an integrated access and lighting control system. Intrac assigns a PIN number for each customer and that PIN will give access via a keypad on each gate for duration of the booking. The system also controls lights so they are not left running when the courts are not being used.

Wet weather

Send a group SMS message to all customers affected by a period of unplayable weather. When you delete affected bookings, the system issues a credit that can be applied to the customer's next booking.

Event/class management

Manage events and classes, assign courts and coaches and take booking and payments, either at the centre or online.

Integrated payments

Integrated credit card and EFTPOS payments are recorded in Intrac as they are processed by the bank. This practically eliminates data entry, risk of error and the need to reconcile each payment. Funds are deposited directly to your account with no handling and no risk of ending up somewhere they shouldn't.

Staff rostering

Record staff hours and produce reports to assist with payroll.


Comprehensive management and financial reports provide detailed information about every aspect of your business. We can also custom build reports to your needs where necessary.


Manage a retail outlet with this function, including inventory levels. A barcode scanner can be used to make this function more efficient.

Racquet sales and restrings

Enter comments about a restring, record updates in the status of a restring that automatically notifies a customer when the restring is completed. A report helps you contact customers who have made a racquet purchase or had a racquet restrung in a certain time frame.

City Community Tennis

The Challenges

• Staff were overwhelmed with administration work, particularly before the start of term
• Customers had to queue up to renew enrolments before the start of term
• Records were not kept reliably, sometimes recorded in a spreadsheet and sometimes on paper
• Classes were occasionally overbooked
• Communication with clients was slow and difficult

The Solution

• One system is now used to manage the customer database, enrolments, accounts, staff roster/payroll
• Key processes such as rolling over enrolments form one term to the next are streamlined
• Enrolment notices with complete information and instructions are automatically sent to each customer
• The vast majority of re-enrolments, class changes and payments are made online by customers themselves
• Key reports such as Enrolments, Vacancies, Payroll, Revenues are all easily available with current information
• Internal communication between staff is managed within the system, without the need for email
• The system manages makeup lessons, with the option of customers booking their own makeup lessons online

The Key Benefits

• The administration effort has been significantly reduced
• Communication with customers is quick, easy and clear, done by email and SMS
• There is a fair process for offering customers on a wait list their choice of class times
• Payments are being made earlier and more quickly
• Being web-based, school management have access to the system wherever they travel

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