School Manager

The School Manager is designed for businesses that teach group and private lessons. Originally built for swim schools, the School Manager has been adapted to suit a large range of school businesses including music, drama, yoga, multi-sports, golf, kiteboarding and charities.

Case Study

• Learn to Swim Victoria


Customer database

A search function allows you to create a list of customers that matches your search criteria and contact them by email or SMS. We can import your customer database and customers can create and maintain their own details through your web site.

Class schedule

Add, change or remove a class time and assign an instructor and location. The system will ensure there are no double bookings for an instructor or space and the schedule can be published live on your web site.

Staff rostering

Quickly manage ongoing or temporary changes to your staff roster. The data is displayed on a live roster that staff can access through your web site and is displayed on your staff and payroll reports.

Bookings and enrolments

One of the most important benefits of Intrac is that it allows customer to make or manage their own bookings and payments online. Your system can be configured with your business rules to make this key process very streamlined and offer excellent customer service.

Integrated payments

Integrated credit card and EFTPOS payments are recorded in Intrac as they are processed by the bank. This practically eliminates data entry, risk of error and the need to reconcile each payment. Funds are deposited directly to your account with no handling and no risk of ending up somewhere they shouldn't.


Comprehensive management and financial reports provide detailed information about every aspect of your business. We can also custom build reports to your needs where necessary.


Attendance can be recorded by a number of methods, including a swipe of a membership card at reception or entry in a phone by a remote instructor.

Makeup lessons

The system can be configured with your business rules and makeup lessons can be offered as a completely self-serve function.


We can configure each level of class with its own assessment criteria, which instructors can complete online for each of their students at the end of term. Customers can then download a certificate of your design from your web site. A full history of assessments is available in customers' profiles.

Passes and memberships

Casual attendance is managed with the use of passes or memberships that allow a customer to attend a certain number of times and/or for a period of time.

Gift certificates

Create gift certificates for the value of any pass or dollar amount and provide a design for your gift voucher. Customers can purchase a gift certificate online, forward a quality PDF copy of their voucher to the recipient, when can then redeem their voucher online and use it to make a booking.


Manage a retail outlet with this function, including inventory levels. A barcode scanner can be used to make this function more efficient.

Access control

Our systems have been integrated with an enterprise grade security system that can manage your access control, surveillance and alarms.

Learn to Swim Victoria

The Challenges

• Staff were overwhelmed with administration work, particularly before the start of term
• Customers had to queue up to renew enrolments before the start of term
• Records were not kept reliably, sometimes recorded in a spreadsheet and sometimes on paper
• Classes were occasionally overbooked
• Communication with clients was slow and difficult

The Solution

• One system is now used to manage the customer database, enrolments, accounts, staff roster/payroll
• Key processes such as rolling over enrolments form one term to the next are streamlined
• Enrolment notices with complete information and instructions are automatically sent to each customer
• The vast majority of re-enrolments, class changes and payments are made online by customers themselves
• Key reports such as Enrolments, Vacancies, Payroll, Revenues are all easily available with current information
• Internal communication between staff is managed within the system, without the need for email
• The system manages makeup lessons, with the option of customers booking their own makeup lessons online

The Key Benefits

• The administration effort has been significantly reduced
• Communication with customers is quick, easy and clear, done by email and SMS
• There is a fair process for offering customers on a wait list their choice of class times
• Payments are being made earlier and more quickly
• Being web-based, school management have access to the system wherever they travel

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