Easy to use

Our systems are designed so that simple functions are processed with the minimum number of steps, and only relevant information is presented. In other words, the systems are very easy to use. Our training for key staff typically takes two hours, and other staff and customers can use the system with little or no instruction.

Highly configurable

Every business we serve has a unique set of processes and rules. We configure our systems to work with those requirements, rather than dumbing down our systems so they can be applied to a large number of clients. We provide comprehensive solutions for many functions that are usually found only in custom-built software.


Intrac systems are accessed using the web browser on any computer, tablet or phone that has internet access. You do not need any special equipment and there is no software to install. We manage all data backups, maintenance and upgrades for you.

Allows customers and staff to serve themselves

For many businesses, the bulk of administrative effort goes into simple processes like bookings and payments. Intrac systems make it easy for customers to manage these functions themselves, saving considerable resources and providing much better customer service. The systems also enable your staff to perform functions like checking a roster, marking attendance or entering evaluations.


Our systems are protected by a 128-bit SSL certificate that encrypts all data that passes between your browser and the Intrac server. Your staff each have a username and password and can only access those parts of the system that you authorise. You can also restrict access to a particular location for some users. Our servers are hosted in Australian Tier III data centres and are configured solely for the purpose of running our booking systems.

Manage every aspect of your business with ease